Cataracts are a disease or condition that attacks the eyes. It is the cause of the largest number of age-related blindnesses in the world. The big question that is often asked is whether there is an effective medicine that can cure cataract. In this article, you will find some tips on how to effectively treat cataracts.

What is a cataract?

A cataract by definition is a clouding of the lens. This opacification sets in slowly and can evolve until it is extinguished over the entire central surface of the eye. When a cataract settles on the eye, it reduces vision and the quality of sight. Indeed, cataracts usually manifest themselves by certain symptoms. These symptoms include the following.

Blurred vision: the presence of cataracts on the eyes leads to a decrease in visual acuity.

Poor colour perception: cataracts cause you to perceive colours differently, with a poor appreciation of contrasts.

Reduced night vision: Cataracts prevent you from seeing clearly at night. There is a clear reduction in vision at night.

Difficulty reading: With cataracts, it is difficult to see letters accurately, especially when they are small. This makes reading difficult.

Increased sensitivity to light: The eyes become very sensitive to light and cannot withstand even the smallest ray of sunlight.

Cataract, given these different manifestations, is a disease that must be treated quickly to avoid permanent blindness.

How can cataracts be treated ?

Cataracts can be treated, but to date there is no effective medication for cataracts. From drugstore medicines to grandmother’s tricks, none of them has really shown its effectiveness, but they can still reduce the effects of cataract. So the only effective therapy for cataracts is surgery. The surgery must be performed by a surgical ophthalmologist. After surgery, the patient should regain full vision within a month at the most.